Kids Excited About Technology

Getting Young Kids Excited About Technology

Getting a young child to get excited about computers, gadgets and technology is the need of the hour and not such a difficult task. If a child’s interest in STEM fields is channeled at the right age, there is a world of opportunities waiting for him or her in the outside world.

Positive Effects of Online Games

Positive Effects of Online Games That Help Students Become Skillful

Video game aficionados get so engrossed in their game that they somehow block the external environment and feel that their play space is as important and vivid as the “Real World” outside. Researchers at CSU have recently revealed that afore-stated absorptive instances in right circumstances can actually have positive results, offering tremendous mental health benefits. Take a look at how this is made possible.

Soul Refreshing Music

Soul Refreshing Music for Younger Patrons and Their Guardians

When it comes to music for children most composers sadly assume that the simpler the better and end up making it bland and repetitive. Geraldine Png along with her composer husband sought to change this with her newly released album “Gerry Rhymes.” Read below how this Geraldine, a flight attendant became a children’s music executive in Singapore.