Arts Education

Pre-Schools with Strong Focus on Arts Education Are Growing in Popularity Now

Not more than a decade ago, subjects such as Mathematics and English (regional languages) formed the core of pre-school curriculum. But with times, the preschool education system has undergone several changes (for good); arts education, for example is one major amendment in traditional nursery schooling. Interestingly, pre-schools with a focus on arts education have shown remarkable results in children’s academic development. They have gained immense popularity in a very short period of time. Read on to learn more!

Getting Your Child Started With Music

Getting Your Child Started With Music

Children have been known to respond to music from an early age. Doctors have proven that fetus is known to relax when the mother listens to soothing music. Parents notice their children humming and playing with their toy musical instruments for hours together. Parents are the best judge to determine if their child has a musical bent or not.

Singapore Takes Third Spot in Global Education Rankings

Happy news of the Singapore education system – once again it has made to the top five countries in the region with its progressive education system. It is the culture of accountability, which according to analysts is the major reason why Singapore has been able to defeat Hong Kong and make it step down from the third position. Singapore has risen to number three from number five, last time.

Choose the Right School

How to Choose the Right School for Your Children

Choosing the best school for your child is indeed a big task: it is an important decision that will outline his way of life. Similar to other big decisions we make in life, spend adequate time to research and evaluate several options. A good school will nourish your kid’s talent and make them grow up into confident individuals.