Singapore’s Six-Week Christmas Celebration

Festive treats and colorful lights all over and the Singapore River is all set to celebrate its inaugural light-up festival starting from November 15 to January 2, 2014. Come celebrate Christmas in Singapore and live up to the Christmas spirit in “Christmas by the River”.

Christmas wishes come true at Singapore Flyer!!

Have a magical Christmas this year with Singapore Flyer. Enter a world full of surprises and amazement. Make your loved ones and you feel special. If you’re lucky your wish might come true and you might have a magical Christmas. While kids might be doing well with our tutors in Singapore, everyone deserves a break on occasions like these!

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Singapore’s Communal Learning Towers Inspired by Beehives

Greatly inspired by beehives, Singapore’s New Communal Learning Towers are aiming at encouraging both faculty members and students to interact with more comfort and ease. The idea is to better the standard of education in Singapore. At least this is what the beehive-inspired, recently built learning hub at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore seems to assure!

How Has Technology Impacted the Singapore Education System?

With technology coming forward rapidly as an indispensable part of education, it has become vital for everybody including educationists, learners and the common man to understand what it practically does to improve learning and how. We can always have the example of Singapore, the first renowned nation to bring innovation in education through best practice of technology. Let’s learn what impact technology has had on the education system of Singapore!

The First Regional Asia Education Expo in Singapore

With AsiaEducationExpo 2013 this month, Singapore takes one more organized and intelligent step toward encouraging best educational practices to boost up learning in the country. This is going to be the first regional expo of its kind, giving educationists from the region and around the world a chance to make foolproof strategies for the implementation of latest technologies in education.

Enjoy Halloween Treats in Singapore

Do you really wish to spend your Halloween week by giving yourself some mighty spooky scares? If you are still confused where to go and get soaked in the Halloween fright night atmosphere, then Singapore is perfect destination for you. This post has a quick list of the upcoming Halloween events in Singapore that will make a chill run down your spine!

Computer Games + Math

Computer Games + Math= Fun + Learning!

Mathematics is hardly a favorite for majority of young students. Mathematics does require analytical skills and willingness to solve sums. But, most students fail to perform due to fear and not because they do not have IT in them. Computer games and interactive maths exercises, often recommended by expert maths tutors in Singapore, can go a long way in arousing the much needed interest in the subject.

Math’s Apps for Kids

5 Great Math’s Apps for Kids

Mathematics is usually not an easy subject if the student dislikes it. The subject itself is not exactly challenging, but the way Math tuition in Singapore is conducted, the tutor of the subject is important, as it determines how interesting the topics of Math is delivered. We appreciate the technology available at this present moment, which makes learning easier and quicker, especially the smartphone’s applications created for Mathematics.