When to Get a Maths Tutor for Your Child?

With mounting tests, exams, homework and everything in between, parents sometimes face the dilemma of whether they should hire a tutor for their child. Perhaps one of the concerns would be if the tuition would be worth the time and money. Maths is one of the subjects which a lot of students struggle with. It

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Finding the right tutor for your child

With the astronomical rise in the number of children in private tutorials, parents can be confused about determining which tutor or tutorial center who suit their children. Education of a child is an area of deep interest for any parent due to its impact in nurturing and preparing them for a decent future. This article

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Am I pushing my child too far?

Don’t we all hear it all the time? ‘Our generation of children lead too stressful lives.’ In school, children are perceived to be studying too many subjects, having too much homework and taking too many tests. After school and on weekends, children are perceived to be engaged in doing too many extracurricular activities from academic

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Home Schooling- Singapore

Pros and Cons of Home Schooling Your Child

Are you considering to home school your child? Home Schooling has become a more popular and acceptable method of educating the young. Parents choose to home school their children for various reasons such as wanting complete control of their child’s education, bullying, special needs or medical needs, or religious beliefs. It is important that parents

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