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Championtutor provides you all educational needs for your child.As we believe every child is a champion and it's only a matter of discovery and motivation, which help them to realize their skills.
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  • How do I apply or receive tuition assignments from ChampionTutor? img img

    Visit our homepage, under Available Assignments, you will be able to see the available assignments in our google map.

    Alternatively, you may like us in facebook or follow us in twitter.

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  • What will happen if I do not response to SMS regarding tuition assignment? img img

    Your teaching status will be automatically set as unavailable if you have not responded to more than 5 different tuition assignments sent to your mobile phone.

    E.g. SMS sent for Assignment 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Upon the 5th Assignment SMS sent, your status will be marked as unavailable if you do not respond to any of the 5 assignments.

    Unavailable status will cause your profile to be taken out from the public view and our coordinators will not be able to locate you when performing tutors search.

  • How do I ensure that I have responded to your assignment SMS correctly? img img

    You have to simply respond with the correct code number that is sent to your mobile phone number.

    E.g. You should receive a SMS like, Tut, asgm at Bukit Batok St 22, P5 EMS. To apply, type: CT888, name, rate/hr, days/timings, occu & expr.

    Please remember to enter assignment code first before your message, E.g CT888,Message

    Forgetting to do so will cause our system not to recognise your response and once it reaches the 5th assignment unresponsively, your status will be set as unavailable automatically.

  • What qualifications do I need to be a tutor at ChampionTutor? img img

    The tutor will have to possess at least O level qualifications.

  • How old must I be to register as a tutor at ChampionTutor? img img

    The tutor needs to be at least 16 years to qualify.

  • Is there any registration fee or hidden costs for me to sign up as a tutor? img img

    There are no hidden costs or registration fees to sign up as a tutor.

  • How much commission will ChampionTutor take from the tutor? img img

    Our agency's commission is calculated based on the following. If tuition frequency is:

    1 lesson/week - 50% of the agency's commission is based on the first 4 lessons' fees
    2 lessons/week - 50% of the agency's commission is based on the first 8 lessons' fees
    3 lessons/week - 50% of the agency's commission is based on the first 12 lessons' fees
    4 lessons/week - 50% of the agency's commission is based on the first 16 lessons' fees
    5 lessons/week - 50% of the agency's commission is based on the first 20 lessons' fees

    Tutor and student are required to abide to the tuition frequency. If there is any changes to the frequency, please inform us immediately, otherwise tutor will be charged base on the original agreed frequency.

  • What happens if the tutor/student terminates the assignment before completing the designated number of lessons for the first month? img img

    If the tuition is terminated before the full tuition cycle is completed, 50% of the agency's commission will still be levied on the number of completed lessons. For instance, if the tutor has completed 4 lessons only, our agency commission will be based on 50% of the 4 lessons completed.

  • How do I reset my teaching status from unavailable to available? img img

    Login to your personal account, and set your teaching status as available

  • Uploading your academic certificates online will boast your ranking? img img

    Yes, we will give additional points to tutors who have taken the initiative to upload their certificates online. Rest and be assured, all certificates are treated with the highest confidentiality. Additionally, tutors who have uploaded their certificates online would also assist the coordinators in assigning the tuition job to you quickly.

  • What can a tutor do to increase the chances of getting an assignment? img img

    In order to increase the chances of getting an assignment, you can:

    (a) Upload your qualifications/certificates to your login account as soon as possible

    (b) Do a good write up of your profile.

    (c) Reply promptly when an ad is posted up, or a SMS is being sent to you.

    (d) Obtain Good feedbacks from students of previous assignments taken with us.

    (e) Speak confidently and clearly over the phone.

  • How can a tutor apply for the assignments that he desired? img img

    The tutor can call us or sms us quickly to let us know the assignment he is interested in, stating his name, assignment title. Alternatively, the tutor can apply the assignment online (google map).

  • The tutor did not receive any response after replying the sms for the assignment? img img

    We will only contact the tutor if he is suitable for the assignment and due to the overwhelming response we receive when an assignment ad is posted. However, please kindly response to our tuition code (e.g CT888), even if you are not interested to teach, as this will prevent your profile for being set as unavailable.

  • How do I close my account? img img

    For account closure, please kindly send your request to

  • How do I stop receiving job smses from ChampionTutor? img img

    To stop receiving job SMSes from us, you can simply log in to your profile, and set your teaching status as Unavailable, alternatively you may write in to us at in requesting for closing your account temporarily or permanently


  • How can I request for a tutor? img img

    To request for a tutor, you can log on to View Tutors. Simply search for your desired tutors and add them to "My Tutors". After selecting all the tutors, click on "My Tutors" at the top right to view all the tutors which you have short listed. To make a final decision, you simply click on "Proceed" and submit your tutor request to us.

    Alternatively, you can choose to call us at 91-91-91-99 any day of the week from 9am to 11pm.

  • How much is the registration fees? img img

    The registration fee is free for all students.

  • How much is the commission fees? img img

    Our agency's 50% commission is levied on the tutor based on the first payment cycle.

    For example, once a week lesson, payment cycle is once every 4 lessons. For twice a week lessons, payment cycle is once every 8 lessons.

    For example, if you have engaged a tutor for once a week lesson, upon the completion of the first and second lesson, you will pay our agency the first and second lesson fee as our agency's commission. After the tutor has completed his third and fourth lesson, you will pay the remaining 50% to the tutor.

    For the second payment cycle and onwards, tutor will be paid in full. Moving forward, there isn't any commission levied on them.

  • What is considered as a short term assignment? img img

    A short term assignment generally refers to less than 3 months of tuition lessons with the tutor.

    For example, if you needed a home tutor from January to March, this assignment will be considered as a short term assignment.

    The usual practice is to request the client, which is you, to co-fund the agent's commission with the tutor. Instead of the tutor paying the full 50% commission to our agency, we would advice the client to help in shouldering half of the 50% commission.

    For example, if the tuition fee is $200 per month, during the first month, tutor is supposed to pay us $100, 50% of the lesson fee as agency's commission.

    However, under short term assignment cases, we will advice client to help in co-funding $50 of the commission, so that tutor will need to pay $50 to us only.

    That sums up to be $250 for the first month's tuition fee. Thereafter, subsequent payment cycles will be based on $200.

    The reason behind the co-funding is to gather more applicants to your requests, as it is a short term assignment, and through our experience, not many tutors would take up the job.

    Rest and be assured, we will always email you the list of tutors to choose from, and only when you are satisfied with our recommendation, we will charge you the 25% co-payment.

  • What are the operating hours? img img

    We are open everyday of the week from 9am to 11pm.

  • How do I make payments to you? img img

    To make payment for the commission fee, you can choose to pay us by cash. Alternatively, you can do a bank transfer to our account or write a check to us.

  • What are the rates for the tutors like? img img

    To find out what the market rate is for tutors, please go to our homepage.

  • If I am dissatisfied with your tutor, what should I do? img img

    If for any reason the tutor does not match up to your expectations, please inform us. We will immediately change a new tutor for you.

  • Why do we have a completed assignment segment in website? img img

    This additional feature will showcase all the assignments we have successfully closed throughout the past one month. It also serves as another form of search engine specially catered for parents/students who are looking for a tutor. Under this section, you can browse through the various subjects and levels that the tutor has previously taught and select a tutor.


  • Who are our affiliates? img img

    Our affiliates comprises mainly of people who refer a student to us.

  • What do I need to know before doing any referrals? img img

    You simply have to contact us by phone to let us know that you are referring someone to us .

  • When I refer someone to be a tutor, will I receive any referral fees? img img

    For now, we do not have any referral reward for referring tutors.

  • When I refer students/parents to you, how much referral fee will I receive? img img

    When you refer students/parents to us to hire a tutor, you are entitled to a referral fee of 20% of our commission. For instance, the student pays us $200 for our commission; you will receive $40 for referring that student to us.

  • When will I receive the referral fees? img img

    Once the student has paid us our commission, we will call you to transfer the money to your account.

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