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Chu Wei


I am a Full Time tutor who do both 1-1 private tuition (at the student's place) and group tuition at my tuition centre (AO Studies...

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  • Tutors listed on ChampionTutor have earned more than $250/hour
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Tutors listed on ChampionTutor have earned more than $250/hour

Frequently asked questions

Q: What qualifications do I need to be a tutor at ChampionTutor?

GCE O-Level equivalent is the minimum. However, most of our clients will prefer a tutor who have gone through a higher education.

Q: What is the cost to create an account with ChampionTutor?

There is no cost to create an account with us, however, there is a one-off 50% agent fee for every successful matched job for the first tuition cycle.

Q: How do I apply or receive tuition assignments from ChampionTutor?

Visit us at https://www.championtutor.com/tuition-assignments-singapore.html, you will be able to find our daily available jobs.

Alternatively, you may receive emails, WhatsApp or SMS from us with regards to available tuition jobs

.When receiving our first email or message, please remember to whitelist our email address or add our contact number into your contact list to receive future updates.

Q: How do you protect my personal data?

At ChampionTutor, we treat every individual’s data with the utmost respect. You are able to set your profile as invisible in your profile page. Once invisible status is set, your profile will not be available to the public search

.however, during the time of shortlisting you to the potential clients, we will be providing your information to them.

For more details about our privacy policy, you may read it here.

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