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Top 5 Tuition Centres in Singapore

Since 2016, Singapore’s tuition industry has been worth over $1 billion each year. However, parents may not always get what they pay for. Here are some of the nation’s best-performing tuition centres where you are most likely to get the most value out of your hard-earned money:

In December 2016, New Straits Times education correspondent Amelia Teng reported that the tuition industry in Singapore had nearly doubled in value since 2004, when Singaporean parents collectively spent $650 million on tuition services. That year, the Singaporean tuition industry was worth over $1 billion. This is a testament to the importance that most Singaporean parents place on getting good grades in the important examinations. They should nevertheless ensure that their hard-earned money is well-spent on tuition that can either help a weaker student catch up, or enrich the learning experience for an average or accomplished counterpart.

Here are the top 5 tuition centres in Singapore with a reputation for accomplishing just that:

1. Learning Lab

Over the past 16 years, The Learning Lab has strove to provide its students with “compelling, interactive and thought-provoking lessons” that aim to improve their academic results while widening their intellectual horizons beyond the classroom. They believe in the cultivation of their student’s intrinsic motivation to learn and the importance of a holistic education. The key features of their knowledge, skills and disposition teaching and learning model includes (1) a growth mind-set; (2) metacognition; (3) self-awareness and control; (4) balancing learning and exam-focus; (5) a focus on learning excellence; (6) a focus on exam and task performance.

2. Stalford Learning Centre

Stalford currently operates 15 tuition centres across Singapore, a decade after it began as a single learning centre in 1998. Since its inception, it has championed the idea that every student bears the potential to become an active learner and high achiever when provided with a facilitative environment, curriculum, learning materials and tutors. Their motto is “Your Trust, Our Mission: You’d do it better with us, than alone”.

3. Mindstrecher

The Mind Stretcher Education Group was established in 2002 with the aim of providing Singaporean students with access to quality enrichment programmes that implement ground breaking and effective pedagogies. Their promise to stretch their students’ academic abilities without compromising on their passion and enthusiasm for learning has made them popular with many Singaporean parents. They presently operate three regional campuses in East, West and Central Singapore, alongside 12 centres across the island.

4. Mindchamps

Now headquartered in Singapore after being established as an educational research centre in Sydney, MindChamps PreSchool specialises in early childhood education programmes for children as young as 18 months to 6 years old. It operates over 30 tuition centres across the island, offering its students access to vibrant indoor environments and the opportunity to experience holistic and personalized learning.

5. JustEdu

Since its inception in 1999, JustEdu has expanded to 13 tuition centres in Singapore’s heartlands, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It emphasizes the idea of learning as a fun experience, where teachers share their heartfelt intellectual interests and students develop their passion for knowledge. It accommodates students from the primary school to junior college levels. [..Less]



Welcome Message

Tuition centres are the private educational institutions that are running in parallel with schools. They were once a place for weaker students to catch up their grades, but in today’s context, nearly all types of students join the tuition centres to survive the ever-increasing competition in education. Private tuition centres have always been beneficial for the students.

There are various reasons why students are unable to focus in school, due to the peer distraction, fatigue after long hours of extra curriculum, or gap in understanding what the school teacher has been teaching. The mentioned could be one of the many reasons why students are unable to grasp the essence of the lesson and making them difficult to understand the content, which in return, affects their performance.

Under such circumstance, choosing a private tutor can make a difference. A tutor could explain the topics, repeat key points, explore concept and help students to solve their learning difficulties. Besides that, a tutor is able to motivate the student to perform better in his studies. Similarly, tutors could play a more disciplinary role, such as keeping track on the school work of their students, and alerting them to stay on track and not be distracted from external influence from peers.

For more conducive learning, tuition centres should always keep their premises as welcoming as possible, instilling fun learning activities, and inspire more peer to peer tutoring, as this is a place where students are studying in groups, and the most effective way of tutoring is with peer assistance.

In these recent years, we are seeing an upward trend of online tutoring. Online tutoring is getting more accepted these days due to the advancement of internet speed, and the convenience in which it brings to the students.

The concept of on-demand approach, seeking educational help 24/7, increases the acceptance of students, especially towards the millennial generation, as they are usually well versed with gadgets and technologies, and likely to adopt the culture of online tutoring.

How could I find the right tuition centre in Singapore?

When it comes to finding a tutor, it matters a lot to a parent, especially one is seeking for a committed and knowledgeable tutor. The advantage of finding an experience and qualified tutor, would help the parent to save the pain of seeing their child’s grade deteriorating, as well as instilling good learning habits in them. Likewise on the contrary, if a tutor is incompetent, it will be detrimental to the student’s grades and discipline in studying.

Therefore, it is imperative to source for an experience and qualified tutor. Tuition centre is definitely a good option to consider, as most of their most qualified tutors are housed in the centre, and also, most tutors who are good in teaching, prefer to teach in groups, as it provides them the economy of scale.

We are glad that you are reading this article, in ChampionTutor, we believe in education, and we are a strong advocate for lifelong learning. We have compiled and collated the tuition centres in Singapore, with different locations, to suit your needs and preferences.

We strive to be the most reliable and trustable private tuition platform to serve all your educational needs.

Come and sign up with us, we trust you will have a different experience in viewing the tuition centre landscape in Singapore. [..Less]


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