Amazing Perks Offered By Tuition Centres

Tuition centres in Singapore are have gone beyond teaching to offer extras like shuttle services, lounge and freebies to attract more students.


Many Tuition Centres in Singapore are offering more than just tutoring. They are luring with the perks like shuttle service, lounge, study materials, online classes, extracurricular classes and freebies. After all, they need to survive in this ever competitive tuition industry in Singapore.

The dramatic growth of tuition industry in Singapore is triggered by competitive academic environment, peer pressure and parent expectations. Today, tuition industry earns billion in revenue while there are many tutors who are making millions. According to one report, there are over 30,000 private tutors in Singapore who offer some form of tutoring. Besides, there are more than 850 tuition centres across the nation. And this is quite a significant number in Singapore where total population is 5.61 million.

This is why tuition industry is quite competitive despite of rising demand for extra classes among students. To survive this stiff competition, many tuition centres are offering the perks as we have told you earlier.

Let’s have a look over such extras being provided alongside tuition.

Crash Courses:

Crash Course

Crash courses are designed for the students who need emergency coaching just before the exam. This strategy works as many students are not able to prepare all year due to negligence or complications. The course helps them prepare for exams in a month or less. They are the summary of the entire syllabus. These crash courses are expensive and more intensive than regular classes.

Extracurricular Classes:

Extracurricular Classes

Nowadays, tuition centres offer extracurricular workshops during the school holidays. For example, some tuition centres offer GEP program to prepare kids for the screening exam; and train them for the required skills. Wealth management is also taught at some tuition centres. These courses are designed to teach student problem solving skills and decision making ability.

Online Classes:

Online ClassesMany leading tuition centres in Singapore are also offering online classes to the students. Generally, these classes are the filmed version of their regular classes which is delivered over their website, Skype or other video chatting platform.

Shuttle Bus:

Shuttle BusShuttle bus is also provided to the students living in distant areas for an easy to and fro, especially by the centres located far from the MRT station. It may be a free transport service.


LoungeDon’t be surprised if you see a lounge like KFC or Starbucks operated inside a tuition centre. This is a strategy to provide learning in an engaging and fun environment. These cafeterias at tuition centres are characterized with a few pieces of furniture and serving of snacks.


Local tuition centres
are also distributing free gifts along with their flyers and catalogue outside of schools. These freebies often include breakfast sets, geometry box and stationery items.

So these are the perks being offered by tuition centres in Singapore. While these perks are exciting, you as a student should prefer quality of teaching. After all, this is the thing you have opted for a tuition.

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