MOE To Increase Number Of Kindergartens In Coming Years

Kindergartens form to be an essential part of children’s academic career. Looking over the contribution of these institutes, MOE has decided to invest in 16 new kindergartens now. Read on for more details.


Though parents are the first and best teachers a child can ever have, yet it is still essential for you to look out for good educational institutes in the surrounding. And your task starts right away with the search of a right kindergarten.

Kindergartens In Coming Years

Kindergartens play a major role in laying the foundation of your child’s career. Even Ministry Of Education Singapore pays greater attention to this aspect. Yes, you read it right!

16 kindergartens by 2020

It is the Ministry of Education decision to open 16 new kindergartens in the duration 2018 to 2020. This is a grand step which will help parents enroll their kids for high-quality preschool education and that too at the most reasonable cost. While three are expected to open next year, seven in 2019 and rest six in 2020. As far as location is concerned, newer estates of Punggol and Sengkang are in the top of the list.

50 kindergartens by 2023

The number of kindergarten will keep on increasing with the every passing year. MOE plans to increases the number of kindergartens to 50 by the year 2023. Here it is worth noticingthat government is not nationalising preschools. Expanding on the initiatives announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, it was said that every child should go to a good preschool.

Therefore, Ng Chee Meng (Minister for Education) clearly stated that all these moves were not an attempt to nationalise the early childhood sector.

Better standard of education

It is important for you to know that these MOE kindergartens will serve to be a great help for children. MOE will take care of the fact that these institutes deliver higher teaching standards and better pedagogies to uplift the (early childhood) landscape in the country.

With an aim to ensure that every Singaporean child have access to equal opportunity and social mobility, this will be a great initiative by MOE to help parents and children, altogether!


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