Simple and Effective Strategies to Boost a Student’s Memory

Looking for some help enhance your students’ memory? You can sit back and relax, as there are several simple ways to do it in right way. Read on to find out how.


It usually happens with the students that they cram all their lessons before an exam, and unfortunately end up forgetting most of it within a few days.

Well, this can be horrible!



But it is nothing unusually. It might be due to fear or less practice, that important thing skip off their mind of the main day. It is here important for you to understand that education and learning is an indefinite journey. And with some practices, on regular basis, can help them overcome this problem.

Below are listed some key points to enhance your students’ memory:

Prepare them as active readers

Nothing works better for enhancing memory when it comes to reading and repeating. Along reading, the students can be asked to underline, highlight, or jot key words down in the margin for future references. Now whenever they revise, they can then go back and read what is underlined, highlighted, or written in the margins. This consolidated information boosts their long-term memory.

Work in steps

This is highly useful in subjects like mathematics and for students who have a weakness in working memory. For instance, when calculating a long division problem, they should avoid mental computations. Instead they can write down every step including carrying numbers. Similarly, for word problems, having a scratch piece of paper handy to write down the steps, can help in their calculations.

Try mnemonics

You can help students developing cues for storing information. For example, the need to remember the names of the Great Lakes including Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior, you can create an acronym HOMES for their memory. It will act as a cue which will help the students recall the information.

Use multiple formats

As students follow your instructions, so you can now try giving directions in different ways. You can employ both visual and verbal formats. This will boost their understanding and memorizing, altogether.

Teach over-learning

If you want to add up a new formula, you can switch to “over-learning”. Yes, students should be taught the necessity of this process and made practice to perform error-free repetition. After several error-free repetitions, they will be able to solidify the information.

So, try these with your students and encourage them to do better!

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