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GCE Tutors Recommendation

Tutor's Qualification Student's Academic Level
Undergraduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$25 - $30/hr $30 - $35/hr $35 - $45/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$35 - $50/hr $45 - $65/hr $60 - $80/hr
Graduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$30 - $40/hr $35 - $45/hr $40 - $60/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$45 - $65/hr $55 - $75/hr $65 - $85/hr
MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$45 - $55/hr $45 - $60/hr $50 - $70/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$55 - $75/hr $75 - $100/hr $80 - $100/hr

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GCE N- Level Examination: A gateway to a successful future

When Singaporean students transition from primary school to secondary school, they are placed in different streams according to their academic score at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). The different streams are as follows:

Once the students complete their four-year journey of secondary education, all Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) stream students (N level) are required to sit for the GCE N-Level Examination.

The GCE N-Level examination is an entrance examination that acts as a platform for students to pursue post-secondary education. Hence, a student’s new educational journey is determined by his/her performance in the GCE N-Level Examination, which also determines his/her future career to some extent. Passing the GCE N Level Examination with flying colors is vital for students to pursue their future education from prestigious institutions. Effective GCE N-Level tuition is crucial to obtaining success in this examination.

An Introduction to GCE N-Level Examination

The Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Examinations is conducted in Singapore annually. The joint examining authorities for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE N, O, and A-Level examinations are:

The Application Process

According to the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), a candidate’s applications to sit for the examinations are accepted on the condition that they adhere to all the relevant regulations, which are spelt out in the ‘Instructions to Candidates taking the A, N (A), N (T) or O-Level Examinations’ booklet:

The Need for GCE N-Level Tuition

Good GCE N-Level Examination results lay down a robust foundation for a student’s future career. To help ensure that your child secures a bright future, it is imperative for a student to get effective GCE N-Level coaching in Singapore.

Moreover, teachers in the secondary school focus more on covering the entire syllabus without giving much attention to the needs of individual students. For the GCE N-Level Examination, it is important to receive a deep and thorough understanding of all the GCE N level subjects. An efficient and qualified GCE N-Level tutor in Singapore guides the student to attain a thorough knowledge of each and every subject.

How does ChampionTutor help you score in the GCE N-Level Examination?

It is vital to start preparing for the GCE N-Level Examinations with ChampionTutor as early as possible. The more time a student spends on coaching, the more chances he or she has to score well in the examination. It is not wise to wait until the exams to seek help since even the best tutor needs time to help a student prepare for the exam.

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