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GCE A Level Tutors Recommendation

Tutor's Qualification Student's Academic Level
Undergraduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$25 - $30/hr $30 - $35/hr $35 - $45/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$35 - $50/hr $45 - $65/hr $60 - $80/hr
Graduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$30 - $40/hr $35 - $45/hr $40 - $60/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$45 - $65/hr $55 - $75/hr $65 - $85/hr
MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$45 - $55/hr $45 - $60/hr $50 - $70/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$55 - $75/hr $75 - $100/hr $80 - $100/hr

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Finished your O levels and finally entered your dream junior college (JC)? Excited about joining all the CCAs in junior college and doing well academically at the same time? I am sure these were the thoughts of many students when they first entered junior college and I am sure we all understand the importance of the A levels examination for a junior college student’s path to university.

However, things don't always go according to plan. For most students, going through their first common test in JC is a harrowing experience, with many seeing Cs and Ds for the first time. Many students think they do not need tuition as they have been coping fine before entering JC and the poor result must be an incidental one, but the results and experience always show that students would benefit from extra A level tuition lessons than without. Simply putting in the extra hours for each subject in an efficient and condensed manner will help students see an improvement in their understanding of concepts and naturally their results. This especially applies for all A level subjects, as a huge amount of content, varied in the skills required to score, is condensed into two short years before the big exam. Here is a brief overview of some key pointers to take note of to score for every subject:


Biology is a subject heavily reliant on memory retention. A level tuition helps you achieve this with a wide variety of methods, depending on your A level tutors. A wide variety of mnemonics and different ways to memorise key words given by your A level home tutors will go a long way in helping you memorise these terms for a long time!

Mathematics and Physics

Practise, practise and practise! This is the key to succeeding in your A levels Mathematics and Physics papers as many questions often follow a certain trend and type (a simple glance at the ten years series will tell you the same thing), and practice and exposure are key to mastering every question type possible to appear in these papers. A level home tutors will be able to give you the practice you need and explain the solutions to you to help you understand the technique to solve those tricky questions.


The subject that many struggle with, because it just seems so difficult doesn't it? At the core of this subject, are the underlying concepts central to solving all possible questions. Many students find this particularly difficult because the A levels Chemistry concepts are especially difficult to grasp (e.g. physical chemistry topics like ionic equilibria and interlinked overarching topics like organic chemistry) and good A level home tutors will be able to help you navigate these concepts and every question will become much easier to solve


This is the subject which every student is facing for the first time since stepping into junior college, and is also the reason why many struggle with it. Understanding your concepts and understanding every element of the graphs used is crucial to helping you ace the case study question and the dreaded essays. Proper guidance is crucial to achieving this and your progress can be accelerated with the help of A level tuition.

General Paper and Humanities subjects (in general)

These are subjects which are heavily reliant on linguistic ability and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. To be sensitive to the many nuances and being able to identify every facet of the topic of interest requires exposure and guidance, which can be achieved through A level tuition. Giving different perspectives to consider in the essay, rather than just the usual few approaches commonly read by examiners, will give examiners fresh perspectives from the essays and application questions, out of the large pile of exam scripts they have to mark. Astute A level home tutors will also help you learn how to identify question types and ways to approach the question as well.

Tuition is optional but the A levels exam only happens once. Having A level tuition will save you plenty of time to take part in CCAs and all the other opportunities you wish to pursue in JC, and achieve the results to help you get into your dream university course. Two years will fly by quickly, culminating in what may be the most important formal exam of your life. Make the decision you will thank yourself in the future for and good luck!

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