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AEIS Tutors Recommendation

Tutor's Qualification Student's Academic Level
Undergraduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$25 - $30/hr $30 - $35/hr $35 - $45/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$35 - $50/hr $45 - $65/hr $60 - $80/hr
Graduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$30 - $40/hr $35 - $45/hr $40 - $60/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$45 - $65/hr $55 - $75/hr $65 - $85/hr
MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$45 - $55/hr $45 - $60/hr $50 - $70/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$55 - $75/hr $75 - $100/hr $80 - $100/hr

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AEIS Examination- The only key to ensure a seat in Singapore’s education system

The education System in Singapore is known to be particularly competitive and rigorous when compared to the education system of other countries. It is thus unsurprising that many students from other countries find the AEIS Exam to be relatively difficult and demanding.

The number of applications for the AEIS Exam ranges from 3,000 to 3,500 yearly, with passing rates varying from year to year. The following histogram illustrates the approximate passing rate for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010.

With passing rates decreasing every year, it becomes increasingly vital for foreign parents to seek proper guidance from local AEIS Tutors in Singapore to get properly acquainted with AEIS syllabus and exam standards, which may differs starkly from the curriculum in their home country.

Get to know more about AEIS Examination to get a better picture

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is an annual examination conducted by Ministry of Education (MOE). It acts as a springboard for deserving international students who wish to join the mainstream primary and secondary schools in Singapore.

Who is AEIS for?

All the international students who do not have a place in Singapore’s mainstream schools that wish to seek an admission to Primary 2–5 and Secondary 1–3 levels are required to pass the AEIS Examination to secure a seat in a local school.

Roadmap for AEIS Admission

AEIS Exam Pattern

The Singapore AEIS Exam pattern stands on the pillar of two major components: English and Mathematics. Both of the subjects are used to test the applicant’s English literacy, numeracy and reasoning abilities. The following table provides an overview of the syllabus that needs to be covered for the AEIS Exam:

Sr. No. Level Syllabus Time allotted
1 Primary 3-4

a) English Composition writing, at least 100 words, followed by a set of 50 multiple questions, including comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

b) 30 Math MCQs, 16 short answer questions together with 12 open-ended questions.

c) Students need to demonstrate an understanding of language usage in 34 MCQs for the Primary 2-3 level in the examination.

b) 80 mins + 30 mins.

c) 60 mins

2 Primary 4-5


a) The first section entails composition writing; pupils can pick a topic to write on with a minimum of one hundred words.

The second section involves understanding the usage of the language.


a) Two sections of Math will be tested.

ENGLISH:120 minutes

MATH: 80 minutes

3 Secondary 1


1st portion is writing

the 2nd portion is understanding and usage of the language.

Pick one out of two given questions for English composition.

50 questions on grammar, vocabulary and multiple-choice comprehension.


34 MCQs

20 short-answer questions

10-15 open questions.

ENGLISH: 130 minutes

MATH: 75 minutes

4 Secondary 2-3


Select one out of four provided questions for English composition

50 questions on grammar, vocabulary as well as multiple-choice comprehension


34 MCQs

20 short-answer questions

10-15 open questions.

ENGLISH: 130 minutes

MATH: 75 minutes

The need for AEIS Tuition in Singapore

The bar of AEIS Exam is getting higher each year, making it more difficult for a foreign student to crack the exam. There are a wide range of students who fail to pass the AEIS Exam every year because of many reasons such as a lack of preparedness or a sudden change in the environment.

“Even a survey mentioned that about 34% - 86 out of 250 pupils - were able to secure Primary 1 place in local schools last year. School placement agents, which help foreign children enroll in local and international schools, said the overall situation is more difficult. There have been more requests for local school places, but fewer successes.”

The competition is intense. It is excruciatingly difficult for foreign students to secure a place in a local school because of the limited seats available. On the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s official website, it is explicitly mentioned that “Parents of international students should note that admission is not guaranteed due to limited vacancies, and are advised to consider alternative educational options well ahead, even as they may decide to seek admission to P1.”

Thus, to succeed in the AEIS Exam, proper guidance from an experienced AEIS Tutor in Singapore is a necessity, not a luxury. It will be very difficult for a foreign student to adapt with the Singaporean curriculum instantly. A helping hand in form of 1-to-1 private AEIS coaching in Singapore will be helpful for a student to understand the syllabus and to harness the skill needed to answer the exam questions using the correct format and method.

ChampionTutor- Panacea for all students’ nightmares

Identify areas for improvement

Practice and more practice will help any student gain a better score in the AEIS Examination. At ChampionTutor, all the tutors are well equipped with a thorough knowledge of AEIS curriculum. Their experience and expertise allow them to assess and identify the specific areas that each student needs to pay more attention to.

Affordable price and quality teachers go hand-in-hand

Highly qualified AEIS tutors in Singapore at an affordable price are hard to find. But at ChampionTutor, we have a myriad of tutors who are well qualified and experienced to make your child succeed in the AEIS Examination.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard-work, and learning from failure.” At ChampionTutor, our professional tutors leave no stones unturned and make their students learn from their failures in mock tests, boosting their chances for success in the main examination- AEIS Exam.

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