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IP Tutors Recommendation

Tutor's Qualification Student's Academic Level
Undergraduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$25 - $30/hr $30 - $35/hr $35 - $45/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$35 - $50/hr $45 - $65/hr $60 - $80/hr
Graduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$30 - $40/hr $35 - $45/hr $40 - $60/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$45 - $65/hr $55 - $75/hr $65 - $85/hr
MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$45 - $55/hr $45 - $60/hr $50 - $70/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$55 - $75/hr $75 - $100/hr $80 - $100/hr

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"Good governance requires good policies and good politics that can address both short-term and long-term concerns of the people. It also requires mutual trust, empathy, and respect between the leaders and the people." ~ Teo Chee Hean

The Integrated Programme (IP): A step-forward approach

The Integrated Programme (IP) is a platform for high-performing students in secondary schools in Singapore to get an impeccable upper-secondary and junior college education by directly proceeding to junior college after skipping the GCE Ordinary Level (O-level) examination.

The IP takes the form of a six-year programme, culminating in the GCE ‘A’ Level certificate or other diplomas such as the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The curriculum of Integrated Programme is tough and unique at the same time. It often becomes difficult for students to cope up with it. Moreover, finding an efficient IP Tutor in Singapore is usually an arduous task. ChampionTutor can help you to find the IP tutor you have been searching for to reach the zenith of success.

Birth of Integrated Programme (IP)

At the fifth Principals’ Appointment Ceremony held on 30 December 2002, the Integrated Programme scheme was introduced by then Minister for Education Teo Chee Hean. The first schools approved to implement the programme from 2004 were as follows:

Vision to introduce Integrated Programme in Singapore Education System

The Integrated Programme (IP) was initiated with a vision to target the top 10% of the batch and provide them an intensive and rigorous ‘through-train’ education. It would allow them to optimize the time freed from preparing for the GCE ‘O’ Levels to inculcate broader learning experiences that would help to harness their creativity, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and leadership skills. However, these schools will continue to have school-based assessments to measure pupils’ progress.

Systematic structure of the IP Tuition

All our qualified IP Tutors have the experience to teach the specific syllabus and help your child pass his ‘A’ Levels examination with outstanding scores. The IP tuition syllabus has been thoroughly studied and structured to provide your child with the best learning experience.

Sr. No. Subject Coverage
1 IP English
  • Comprehension Answering Techniques
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Argumentative Essay Writing Techniques and Tips
  • Summary Writing Techniques and Tips
  • Application Question (AQ) Critical Questioning
  • Oral Skills
  • Current Affairs
2 IP Math
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Sequence and Series
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Function Calculus
  • Statistics
  • In addition to above-mentioned topics, a platform for A Levels H2 Maths will also be set.
3 IP Science
  • Section 1 to Section 6
  • Apart from this, syllabus depending on the school will also be covered.
4 IP Chemistry
  • The principle of Chemistry
  • Chemistry of the Elements
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Chemistry in Society

ChampionTutor- The gateway to success in Integrated Programme (IP)

The Integrated Programme (IP) is Not the Only Option

MOE says IP may not be the best route for everyone: "There could be a small number who may not find this to be the most suited to their strengths and learning styles". Hence, they switch to the O-level track or pursue other learning paths.

For example, Siti Nurjaslina Jeffry, 17, chose to take the O-level route at Fuhua Secondary School, after scoring 260 in her PSLE:

"I felt that the pace of learning will suit me better. As much as my education is important to me, I did not want to overstress myself. I believe the O-level path will also provide me with more time and space to grow and pursue other interests."

Subjects for Home Tuition Services

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