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Tutor's Qualification Student's Academic Level
Undergraduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$25 - $30/hr $30 - $35/hr $35 - $45/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$35 - $50/hr $45 - $65/hr $60 - $80/hr
Graduate Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$30 - $40/hr $35 - $45/hr $40 - $60/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$45 - $65/hr $55 - $75/hr $65 - $85/hr
MOE Teacher
Primary 1-3 Primary 4-6 Secondary 1-2
$45 - $55/hr $45 - $60/hr $50 - $70/hr
Secondary 3-5 Junior College 1-2 International Baccalaureate & Diploma
$55 - $75/hr $75 - $100/hr $80 - $100/hr

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POA Tuition in Singapore

“Books should be closed each year, especially in partnership because frequent accounting makes for long friendship.”~Luca Pacioli (The Father of Accounting).

Principles of Accounting (POA) – The key to the balanced economy of the country.

Remarkable and Rapid social, political, technological and economic changes are taking birth in the world economy. And it is palpable that accountants in all countries play an important part in the process of economic development.

Accounting is defined as 'the language of business', that involves the recording and processing of business transactions, and communication of gained information to stakeholders. This accounting information reflects the changes that have occurred in the past. With the obtained data, business performance can be evaluated, paving way for effective decision-making.

This is a solid reason why every company requires some form of financial accounting. So, having a robust base around POA helps students throughout their entire life: In Education and In Profession.

It becomes important to acquire a thorough understanding of the subject by opting for extra-ordinary POA tuition in Singapore.

POA- An essential part of Singapore Education System.

Singapore frequently ranks among the top performers in educational attainment, as measured by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Programme for International Student Assessment.

The only reason behind this is the perfect assortment of practical and theoretical knowledge in the curriculum. POA holds a strong position in the education system of Singapore as it not only helps students to understand accounting principles but also develops an appreciation of the discipline of accounting in them.

The understanding and proper implementation of accounting knowledge become useful and a needful resource for those who wish to seek their career in this field. The subject adds value in the increasingly complex world of business.

POA is a tough subject, let’s be tougher than it.

In Singapore, POA or Principal of Accounts is taught to selective Sec 3 and 4 Express and Normal Academic students. It is available as an elective subject at Secondary 3 and GCE Ordinary Level (O-Levels).

Being taught as one of the practical subjects in Singapore, POA requires a student to be efficient in calculations, double entry bookkeeping, accounting procedure, and balance sheets.

This is why a student has to work hard with more dedication to fully understand accounting, especially if he or she is weak in mathematics.

With passing time, myriad of students are choosing POA as a subject, thereby increasing the competition. Hence getting adorned with ‘A1 grade’ is not as easy because a student will have to score 95/100 in their POA examination.

95/100 seems to be a score that is hard to achieve, but with affordable POA tuition served by ChampionTutor, the goal becomes easy to crack.

Let’s be friends with POA to understand it better and deeper.

With the continuous steep growth in Asian Economies, the potential of new opportunities for Singapore-based accountancy firms will definitely grow. As per Singapore Accountancy Commission, Singapore’s tertiary academic system produces 1,000 accountancy graduates every year, 60 percent of whom join one of the Big Four firms while the rest join finance institutions and other corporations. Apart from the generation of job opportunities, accountants are also among the most highly paid of professionals.

Wikipedia quote Accounting as “the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.”

In simple words, Accounting is a process of identifying financial information and then recording it to summarize and interpret for communication.

Before going ahead with the subject, it is most important to understand its syllabus first.

Sr.no Level of Education Syllabus Mode of Assessment What should be the approach of students
1 O-Level The Roles of Accounting; The Accounting Information System; Elements of the Financial Statements; The Financial Statements and Financial Statements Analysis Paper1- Answer 3 to 4 compulsory structured questions;Paper2- Section A and Section B. Section A carries 3 compulsory structured questions. Section B carries 2 structured questions, out of which 1 is to be answered. The syllabus intends for students to develop the values and attitudes of: a) Integrity and Objectivity;b) Social responsibility, through the context of accounting and how it can affect users of financial information; c) being logical, methodical, consistent and accurate; d) being interested in accounting and aware of further pathways in accounting.

ChampionTutor- A reliable destination to score well in POA

After having a look at the ‘syllabus’ and ‘What should be the approach of the students’ it is evident that subject POA demands regular and persistent hard work.

Most students find Principal of Account (POA) a tough subject because of the complicated equations and accounting formulas. If your child is one of them, you know how difficult it is for him or her to score in this subject. Therefore, the right solution is to find a qualified POA tutor in Singapore.

At ChampionTutor, you find the most qualified POA tutors to help your child to excel in their accounting. Being the most trusted home tuition agency in Singapore, we offer home tutors for POA at all levels including lower secondary, upper secondary, junior college(JC), IB,and IGSCE.

The benefits of choosing a private tutor from ChampionTutor are:

  • Experienced and Well-structured tutors- Finding the right POA tutor in Singapore can be a stressful process. At ChampionTutor, we have filtered the most efficient and experienced POA tutors in Singapore to meet your tutoring needs.

    Our network of POA home tutors in Singapore provides coaching in an efficient and interactive way to make a student understand the topics easily.

  • Personal attention-At ChampionTutor, students undergoes a highly effective programme that closely monitors their progress. It is possible only with effective 1-to-1 POA tuition that allows the student to build strong POA base.

  • A unique approach to hit bulls-eye- TTutors at ChampionTutor provide a stage for POA students to think critically, to analyze questions and approach questions accurately with good answering techniques to score a distinction in POA examination.

  • ChampionTutor follows an ‘Accountable’ Approach.

    "The golden rule of accounting states that “Debit all the Expenses & losses, Credit all Incomes."

    At ChampionTutor, we follow the similar approach and tend to debit all the fear from the student’s mind and credit the basic, strong knowledge of POA.

    Find good grades at an economical rate.

    ChampionTutor is keen to work hard for your child and give him a launch pad to reach the pinnacle of success. So, why to wait? Let us find your most qualified Principal of Account tutor at ChampionTutor today.

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