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    Ho Wei Jie

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    I have a firm experience in motivating students to be self-taught when the tutor is not around. I achieve this by arousing the student's interest in the subject with other elements, thus making my lessons out-of-the-box and tailored to every student's unique needs. By doing so, I believe that the student will be able to learn faster and this can be seen when his results improve progressively. 

    In addition, I do have past experiences with teaching my younger cousins who are currently pursuing their education at the primary level as well. I have a passion in inculcating knowledge to others, which I have learnt previously when I was in their shoes back then. Nevertheless, one of my cousins who can be quite hyper-active at times and slow in learning, achieved an A for her preliminary examinations in school. She will be undertaking her Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) this year and I will drop by at her place to tutor her personally at times. Before the preliminary examinations, my cousin was quite rebellious and can be defiant at times. However, I guess it maybe due to my high levels of patience and a passion to tutor her to the best of my ability which did not allow me to give up on her. Eventually, she started to heed my advice and became more obedient, which can be seen from the vast improvement in her academic grades.

    One of the other contributing factors which kept me going despite my cousin's rebellious behaviour was because I did not want her to have a more difficult path ahead of her in the future. Up till today, I have witnessed cases and seen people from many walks of life. Thus, I thought that it would still be better for my cousin if she is able to pursue to a higher level of education in the future. However, this maybe impossible if she does not have a strong foundation in her academic fundamentals. Nonetheless, the improvement in her academic grades is a great satisfaction to me and it inspired me to teach her further as well. 

    Personally, I have participated in a variety of competitions when I was in my primary school, secondary school, and polytechnic. However, my greatest achievement out of all the competitions which I have participated so far, is the one when I participated during my upper secondary school days. Back then, the competition was a Pet Rocket competition, where participants have to construct a "Pet Rocket" out of empty 1.5 litres plastic bottles. After that, the teams must be able to calculate the amount of compressed gas which should be exerted into the bottle correctly, figure out the wind speed and wind direction, and adjust the angle of launching the Pet Rocket, before launching the Pet Rocket to the ideal destination where the team wants it to launch to. 

    In that national competition, my team mate and I were the overall champions in that category and were selected to represent Singapore in the international competition at Jakarta, Indonesia. At Jakarta, it was an individual competition and teams were not included. After the competition, I was in the fifth position out of the 45 participants who came from more than ten different countries. Although I did not get the chance to be on the podium during the prize presentation ceremony there, I felt a great sense of accomplishment and it was a feeling which was just beyond words to describe. It is this sense of accomplishment and feeling which I want my students to have when they have improved in their academic grades, as they will find it useful even in their future endeavours as well. However, this can only be achieved if the student has put in a relative amount of hard work, which I am willing to assist them for it. 

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    Mathematics, English, Chinese, Phonics, Creative Writing

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, Higher Chinese, English, Chinese

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, English, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Chinese


    Economics, Accounting, Art & Design, Marketing


    Art & Design, Business

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