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    As an ex-MOE school teacher and an ex-SPH journalist, I can effectively prepare your child for the new English O' Level syllabus. With a grounding in English Literature (Honours), I can explain to your child in a fun way how language works, how communication is achieved, thus bringing him or her through the various question types in the Comprehension section. There will be a diagnostic test on the 1st lesson to see what weaknesses they have. I then address their weaknesses through focused practice and strengthen their foundation through grammar.  I break down English into an easy-to-understand formula that is suitable for students to remember.  Lessons are delivered in an engaging manner through a multimedia format - engaging short clips, newspaper articles, and anecdotes, apart from practice worksheets and school examination papers.  Of course, part of the lessons is also psychological.  I work with your child on his or her character, mental strength and other areas which I believe are the foundation of an excellent student.   FREEBIES FOR YOUR CHILD - I also throw in a freebie that is extremely important for a student’s success, especially in today’s age of multi-tasking. Outside of our scheduled time, I will personally coach your child on some techniques that have enabled my students to achieve As in the shortest amount of time possible.  Over time, if the student follows my plan, she can achieve outstanding results as proven. My track record speaks for itself. Within a few months, my students who kept failing English and GP have gone on to score As and were ranked within the top three in class. The fastest did it in just 3 lessons. My O Level students also scored distinctions this year, all achieving at least 3 grade improvements.
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