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    Prabu Devaraj

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Bachelor (Started in 2015)


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    Experience :

    I have been given the great opportunity to tutor multiple students throughout the 6 years I have been engaged in this field. I have encountered different minds with varied unique learning capabilities, at times struggling to adapt to our education system. Being someone who has gone through similar troubles, I have had valuable insight on how to coach these students in helping them not only attain better grades but to also enjoy their time studying the subjects. I specifically specialize in the Humanities, I teach English/GP/Lang A(IB), History (H2/H1), Combined Humanities (N/O Levels). I have also had stints in teaching Economics (H1/H2). My students have consistently produced marked improvements and have become more engaged and endearing of the subjects they found so much difficulty in.  My approach usually is a good mix of hardened, well-used methods in teaching as well as a tincture of personal mentoring and encouragement. As I pursued my education in NUS Law, I believe in setting a strong role model for my students to not only look up to but to also strive towards. Many a time I share my failures with my students so as to reassure them that, I, too, have struggled in their positions but it is in their power to push through. If you do wish to engage me, I will undertake your trust with the greatest responsibility towards your (child/own) education. Thank You.  p.s 1)My sessions are a standard 2 hours for efficient and holistic coverage  2) My specialty is in critical thinking and general knowledge.   
    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Secondary

    English Literature, English

    Junior College

    History, English Literature, General Paper

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