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    Hi, I am Kasandra, a full-time Singaporean Chinese tutor who specialises in primary English with six years of experience. My degree background is in psychology and social sciences. I have worked with students in creative writing school workshops, enrichment centres and their homes. Currently, I am focusing on home tuition. My students are in P3, 4, 5 and 6, with a range of students who are mildly autistic and others doing well in the gifted programme. I currently teach two pairs of siblings as well. My tutoring style is focused on steady revision and progress to obtain results, while encouraging the student in a firm, yet non-punitive manner. My lessons consist of a focus on students' communication skills through oral SBC discussions. I also guide them through practice in exam papers, guiding them to understand the passage and improve their comprehension skills through a step by step process. For compositions, we have regular practices, consisting of drilling of composition techniques and ways to add depth and uniqueness to the writing. I have printed out my track records with students, which are available for viewing immediately. Looking forward to working with you and your family. I will be available to work with your child on Wednesday afternoons from 3pm to 430pm from 16th September, the first Wednesday after the September break.   
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