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    Lim Loy Swee

    Background : Full Time Tutor
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    Qualification : The Association of Chartered Certificated Accounta

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    Experience :

    ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Degree in Accountancy in UK

    CPA (Certified Public Accountants)  members of institute of Public Accountant.

    Participate in Singapore A Level Maths Competition in 1988. (Final Year) Participate in Secondary School Sec two Maths Competition.

    Score both A for H2 Maths and Accounting in GCE A Level

    I scored 89 marks for H2 MathsA level Preliminary Examination. Score A1 and A2 for E-maths and Additional Maths respectively in GCE O' Level. Diploma in computer studies  I scored 92 for computerised accountancy.

    Testimonial written by Ashley from Clementi Westwood Secondary School

    The first lesson with Mr. Lim changed my whole perspective and attitude towards POA.  This was the subject I could never gather much interest, hence being one of my worst subject.

    However, his teaching was remarkably easy to understand and in such a way that I was able to attain the surprising good result that I never imagined I would get in my 'O' level results.

    Testimonial l written by Teo Wayne from Maris Stella High School

    Mr. Lim is a very dedicated tutor.  He possess defined knowledge in Maths and is a highly qualified teacher. With a great sense of respo nsibility, he took the effort to source for questions of difficulties for my practice.  Under his tutorship, he assisted me in achieving excellent and outstanding grade for both my mathematics. Thank you Mr. Lim.

    I have taught in MOE schools (CHIJ, ST Margaret etc) for about three years and full time home tutors for about 8 years for A/E Maths and Principles of Accounts.

    Currently, I teach at Kent Ridge Tuition Centre and Hougang Secondary School. 

    Teaching method Own materials, assignments and school exam papers.  Effective method of solving the problems sums in with the O level marking scheme. 

    Near the O level, A/E revision kits include challenging problems so as to ensure all the topics are covered and emphasis more on answer presentation in O level.  POA revision kit. It includes theory and format summary for the students. I also teach SIM, MDIS, PSB and A level accounting. 

    Track Records

    I maintain 100% passing rate for all the three subjects, Principles of Accounts and A/E Maths since 2010 due to my updating materials and assignments.

    A-Maths 2012, 1 student obtained A1, 2011 2 students obtained from F9 to B3, 1 student obtained A2 2010 1 student obtained A1, 2 students obtained A2

    E-Maths 2012. 1 student obtained A1, 2 students obtained A2, 2011 2 students obtained A2 and 1 student obtained A1 2010 2 students obtained A2 and 1 student obtained A1

    POA   2012 3 students obtained A2 2011 1 student obtained A1, 2 students obtained A2  2010 1 student obtained A1, 3 students obtained A2.

    Exceptional results improvement from F9 to Distinction

    In 2012, Ashley obtained from F9 in Prelim Exam to A2 for POA. result proven).

    In 2012, Wayne Teo obtained from D7 to A1 for A Maths.(result proven).

    In 2010, Melvin obtained from F9 in Sec 3 to A1 in Sec 4 for O Level A Maths.

    In 2008, Joanchin obtained from F9 (18 marks) in Mid Year Sec 4 to A2 for POA

    In 2006, Jin Tong obtained from F9 (Mid Year Sec 5N) to A2 for both E Maths & POA

    In 2005, Jin Tong obtained from F9 (Preliminary Sec 4N) to A1 for E Maths & POA.

    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Accounting



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