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    Edlyn Ong

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    I am Edlyn, NTU Business school, Accountancy graduate, I did a stint at Deloitte for Taxation and realized I very much preferred teaching to doing Tax. I have been teaching since 2013 in my last year of Uni. I’m a Math specialist, an experienced teacher who is very familiar with the US curriculum. I have taught many students from UWC, Tanglin Trust, AIS, and the Singapore American school SAS - ALG 1, ALG 2 Trig, Pre Calc and AP Calculus.Relevant experience y students, Christopher and Jeremy who graduated from UWC Dover were average students when I started teaching them, they finished IB Maths scoring a 7 and 6 respectively. Miranda Bass scored 92% A* on Edexcel Gcse Math paper. Currently teaching Shu Watanbe, Grade 9 IGCSE in UWC Dover, I was handpicked by her dad who interviewed other tutors. When I took her on last year, she was getting 60s-70a, Shu finished off with a 91 and 87 in the last 2 tests of the semester. This was achievable because I showed her the techniques to apply concepts in different contexts of problems.I have also taught a group of AIS students, Alex posa, Angela Geng, Hanna Miyai, carried them through IGCSE Year 10 Math and they all scored A* and As for the final exam. I have taught Aidan who was in Grade 7 SAS before he moved back to the US. I am also currently teaching ALG2Trig course to Daniel, he has made a lot of improvement since we started sessions, he is now scoring A’s in his Quiz and tests. I am familiar with Pre- Calc and AP Calculus course in SAS. My teaching style is to explain difficult Math concepts across in a simplistic way for students to understand. When concepts are solidified, I then train students how to break down the problems, develop the thinking process to solving hard problems. I believe i have the right experience to build the student’s confidence in Math which would be a satisfying achievement when he/she can be able to execute solut
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    Maths A, Maths E/D

    International Baccalaureate

    Mathematics, Further Math, Business





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