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    lim qi xuan

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Teaching Credential : Private Tutor (Grade 8 in ABRSM/Trinity)

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    Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
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    Full time private music teacher. In terms of piano technique and foundation, one of the key areas of focus is how the hand shape(curvature) and how the fingers, wrist all work together held by a relaxed shoulder and arm. Explaining the anatomy of the body to older students would work, and younger students need just a simple image that they can relate and try to imitate. Posture is also one of the key points to look out for as it is related to relaxation, tension, balance and stability.  Moving on to music, there are different elements of music that work together to make music work. They include pitch(melody), harmony, tempo(rhythm), dynamics, articulation, tone and texture. During practice, we usually isolate certain elements to work on and afterwards work on putting them back together in order to complete a piece well.  The art of practice is another issue i find needs to be addressed, it requires time and practice for a student to learn how to do things efficiently, how to do things differently to keep their mind engaged and focused in order to speed up the learning process or yield the best results in a fixed amount of time. A common way of inefficient practice is playing the piece repeatedly from start to the end, without any goals to make any improvements and simply hoping for any problems to resolve itself.  As Aristotle has said, 'Quality is not an act, it is a habit.' The surest and fastest way for me, as a teacher, to help students reach their potential is by making sure they learn well from the start.
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    Mathematics, English, Chinese, Phonics, Creative Writing

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    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese

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    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese


    Music Theory, Other Instruments, Piano

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