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    Years of experience: 9; Number of students taught: 8 ;Portfolio: 1] Sec 2 Maths (5 months): Mid year (F9) – Final year (C5) 2] Sec 4 Physics (1 Year): Sec 3 (F9) – Sec 4 mid year (C6) – O Levels(A2) 3] Sec 4 Physics E/A Maths: Sec 3 (Fail) – O Levels (As) 4] Sec 4 Hwa Chong student (3 months before O levels): A1 for Physics, E/A Maths at O Levels 5] Sec 4 Physics (1 year): Sec 3 (D7) – O Levels (A1) 6] Sec 4 A Maths (1 year): Sec 3 (C5) – O Levels (A1) 7] Sec 3-4 E Maths (2 years): Sec 2 (Fail) – O Levels (B3) 8] Sec 3-4 E/A Maths (2 years): Sec 2 (Fail) – O Levels (A1/A2) In addition, I helped out my juniors in their studies after graduating from Bukit Panjang Government High School, as part of the night study programme. My teaching style varies with students, depending on their learning ability. After teaching a concept, I will ask the students some questions in the next lesson, in order for me to know their level of understanding. If the student is unable to grasp the concept, I will patiently go through the same concept again, but this time, using a different method in order to help the student understand the concept better. I understand that this may cause the pace of learning to be slower. However, I believe that even if it takes time, it is important for the students to understand what they are learning, in order to do well. Students can also ask any questions they encounter in their school work, or any doubts that they had not cleared with their school teacher. If I feel that the student does not have enough practice, I will give him/her lots of practice during class because practice makes perfect. I was a recipient of the NTU College Scholarship.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Physics

    Junior College

    H2 Physics, H1 Physics

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