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      Hi! In my 14 years of tutoring experience, I have taught a wide array of student from private candidates to IP,IGCSE, IB, PSLE, O' levels as well as A'levels students. I specialise in English and Literature.  personal details aside, I would also like to inform you thatteaching is something i enjoy because there have been many tutors in my life that have impacted my educational development and I would like to pay it forward. Currently my experience teaching at a tuition center helps to streamline myself with the MOE syllabus better.  I've had 7 years of IB teaching experience and currently have 3 students at hand now. Two of them are from HCI and another student is from ASC(I). IB requires a specific set of literature skill techniques which I was widely exposed to during my honours degree, thus would be more than helpful for IB students building their analytical skill set.   With my share of PSLE and O level students over the 9 years, I've come to understand my students' key areas of weakness, namely composition and comprehension. As such, guidance for these two areas are heavily emphasised. Students under my tutelage are given worksheets that have strengthen and perfect their grammar as they are expected to score full marks in grammar sections. Worksheets are also tailored individually and accordingly to each student's weakness. With combined hard work, my students normally see at least a grade improvement after at least 3 months of working together. I believe every student has the capacity to excel and together, we can bring help bring your child's English Lanuage to excellence.         

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