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      Experience: I have been teaching for eight years and most of my students have scored distinction for their A/E maths and H2 maths. Recently, 95% of my students obtained distinction for their N level Mathematics. My strength is that I am very patient and my unique systematic teaching methods are very beneficial to those who have difficulties in understanding the concepts in schools. Worksheets are personally customised to facilitate the progress for individual students. Therefore, this explains the high successful rates of my students. I even have students improving from 0 to A marks and some are even Top in class or cohorts. I also have NA students qualifying for express Maths. The testimonials and progress of the students can be found at www.facebook.com/mathsmother .  I also volunteered in NTU tuition Programmes teaching those students who come from Low income family. I also have the intention to teach relief teaching in secondary or Jc next year. I will be taking my Master degree in mathematics (NIE) end of next year too. I felt that learning Mathematics is a life Long journey.  Currently I have accelerated Programmes for Amaths and H2 maths due to high demands to cater to students who do not have time for tuition during curriculum time or lagging behind due to mathematical topical gaps. With my diverse experience in teaching different kind of students, I am confident to help this particular student to achieve his/her desired grades as Mathematics is not a hard subject to learn with the right strategies. Right at the moment, I have 4 Primary school Maths students, 15 A/Emaths students and 10 H2 maths students. I also have 2 engineering mathematics students and 1 international student.
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