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  • ID : 13729
    Name :

    Soon Hong

    Background : Full Time Tutor
    RATING :

    Teaching Credential : Ex-MOE School Teacher (Secondary)
    Qualification : College of William and Mary

    Bachelor ( - )


    ( - )

    Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
    Experience :

    18 Years experience   Taught secondary schools students from various schools (RV, MGS, RGS etc) and JC students from all top JC s (RI, HCI, NJ, VJ, TJC etc) Taught in private schools for 7+ years (university level and dipoma level math subjcests ) at SIM, PSB Academy, SIT Taught H2 math for both JC1 and JC2 students in a tuition centres for 6 years Taught IB HL/SL math from ACS(Independent), UWC, ISSS Last year, RI and HCI students scored ’A’ for their H2 Math for the GCE ’A’ level. Also taught H1 Math to students to several students, including one from TJC. Currently has 2 VJC JC2 H2 Math students and one SRJC JC1 H2 Math student. NIE trained, Math major, master degree.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary


    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D

    Junior College

    H2 Math, H1 Math, H3 Math, H3 Physics

    International Baccalaureate

    Mathematics, Further Math



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