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    (For Mathematics/Chemistry Tuition) I am an undergraduate who has secured a place in SMU law and am currently awaiting to enroll in my university in July. I obtained 6 As for A levels and scored 6 points for O levels. I do not have any formal teaching experience. However, I do teach my sister (who is two years younger than me) JC and Secondary school topics. I also help my JC friends with their work, especially with subjects like Math and Chemistry, of which the mechanics behind I fully understand. I believe I am able to explain comprehensively, the method to solving problems in Chemistry and Mathematics. My teaching method would include, first, mastering the basics of any given topic. Basic concepts and fundamentals of the topic should be first understood fully before moving on to solving the more advanced problems. Advacned problems are usually solved by applying the basic concepts in a novel/unusual way or simply applying many of the different concepts into the problem. With good education from the best teachers in my JC and Secondary School, I have picked up a few teaching methods and interesting ways to explain concepts and solve problems. I believe patience and simplifying the concepts is key to allowing the students to understand the problem fully.



    (For Piano Teaching) Playing the piano, to me, is both a hobby I am passionate about and a study I am deeply interesting in. There is much, much, more to playing the piano than getting that Piano Examination Certificate or simply making nice sounding music. Playing the piano, or any musical instrument, involves fully understanding the intent of the composer and his/her musical direction. Or if self-interpretation of the piece is preferred, it would be the expression of oneself. Piano playing is not only a good way to please crowds and amaze friends but it also can be used as an emotional release in the worst of days. I believe I can convey my interest in playing the piano to my students in a comprehensive manner as I been taught by performer-level pianists and a music teacher who had a PhD in music. I have performed in an Inter-JC competition of which i entered into the finals and obtained a Bronze Award. I scored a Merit for my Grade 8 ABRSM piano exam.  


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