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    I have just received my A level results and am delighted to score the maximum 90 rank points in my PCME GP combination. I am the captain of my cross country team in both St Joseph's Institution and Victoria Junior College. Being a long distance runner, I value consistent hard work.

    I have been tutoring my juniors in school. I tutor 3 different students regularly in the subjects Economics and General Paper. I emphasize the importance of knowing the content thoroughly, especially in the subject Economics. During examinations, students have to be able to have an arsenal of knowledge to be utilized within a short period of time. Answering techniques are important as students need to be able to break down the questions effectively. For General Paper, I believe that every student should be extremely well-read so as to be exposed to different topics. This will help them feel more confident during both their papers as a sense of familiarity can be felt whatever topic comes out. A wide range of vocabulary is essential and this can be developed through reading newspapers, time magazines, etc.

    My students have improved in their GP and Econs from S and E grades to D, C and even B grades. 

    Please do give me a chance to assist students on their education journeys.

    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

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