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    I have studied in Hwa Chong Institution for 6 years, and have achieved stellar results with a Year 4 MSG of 1.4 and straight As for my A Level Subjects (BCME,GP,PW). I am currently studying in NUS Medicine.


    Personally I believe in customising my teaching style to the student’s needs and hence will be consulting the student regarding the teaching style the student is looking out for and the level of competency the student is at right now. I will first go through any misconceptions the student has and I will then proceed to teaching the content that the student is likely to be taught soon so that he/she will not face any difficulties trying to understand when the lecture is conducted in school.

    In terms of resources, I have personally made my own set of notes during my own revision for A levels as well as Upper Secondary. Hence, I will use these resources if the student finds them useful. They have covered content that are relevant and stated in the syllabus. I will also go through the syllabus with the student in order to structure the revision in a more systematic manner.  As for the IP syllabus, having come from the Science and Math Talent Programme in Sec 3 and 4, I am well versed with the rigour of IP Biology and Chemistry.

    I also feel that practice is one key feature to success and better understanding, and hence, I will find relevant resources for the student to try. For the A and O Level syllabus, I will try to supplement with some prelim papers in order to pitch the student at a higher level and the TYS to allow the student to understand the demands of these national exams. For the IP Upper Sec syllabus, I will supplement the O level questions with questions that I had done before back in upper secondary.

    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Secondary

    Biology, Chemistry, Bio/Chem

    Junior College

    H2 Biology, H1 Biology

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