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    Phonics: Will use Jolly Phonics approach. Will go through list of phonic sounds, phonograms, consonant blends. Will focus on reading, pronunciation, recognising of phonics sounds and writing, spelling. I have tutored many pre-schoolers who are now primary students and are still with me. Familiar with syllabus.  Can commit longterm. Definitely till end of psle at least.. I have 6 years plus experience in teaching primary school levels, P1-6 all subjects  except Malay and Tamil . I have currently 7 students. Many of whom have stayed with me since kindergarten or lower primary. Thus am familiar with the syllabus and I know what are the requirements for each level. Will teach the various methods of answering questions, looking for clues, identifying the types of questions asked.  I'm particular  in teaching  accurate pronunciation (oral)and writings(written), will ensure the basic fundamentals of the language is built strongly.  I have also dealt with a couple of ADHD children.Will partner parents to further improve child’s performance by giving constant feedbacks. My hope is to bring out the best in your child with my patience and constant encouragements and most importantly increase his or her confidence level and develop a spirit of perseverance in him or her to strive for his or her best!  My teaching style is a student-centered approach and the inquiry-based learning style. I will try different teaching styles to best suit your child’s learning style. At the end of each lesson, I will get the child to recap the tips/pointers I have highlighted during the lesson. I will ask for the child to recall of these pointers at the start of the next lesson. This is in hope to build up the memory muscle.  I will provide comprehensive notes done by myself to cater to the needs of the child. Many of my students started as failures in their subjects but till date they have scored B, some even an A. I will identify and work particularly on their weak areas, and making sure each component required for the exam paper is covered well. Will teach your child using the most effective n efficient way for him to catch up as quickly as possible especially on the basic fundamentals.  Feel free to have a chat with me on how I tutor, Thanks!
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    Mathematics, English, Chinese, Phonics, Creative Writing

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese

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    Mathematics, English

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