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    Teaching Experience: MOE scholar. 6 years private tuition, taught in Pasir Ris Primary School and Gongshang Primary School. I started giving private tuition after my A lvls in 2013. I have tutored 18 different students to date, with some continuity for 2-3years. The best improvement I have so far, is a student who improved F9 to A2 and another from B4 to A1. Most of my students improved from a fail to at least a B3. I started peer tutoring since I was Primary 5, tutoring my friends who are weaker in Mathematics as I have a strong foundation in Mathematics. I believe that with this, I have enough experience and will be able to tutor well. I believe that everyone is able to learn, just that different people learn things differently. I will do my best to find the suitable method to cater to the needs of different learning style and will guide the student along and ensures that he understands before moving on. I focus more on concepts and understanding rather than pure drilling, which can be effective for O lvls but doesnt aid in learning. I will teach students problem-solving skills which are essential for Mathematics, together with tips and various methods that even schools may not teach them. I know of many tips and skills which are needed for Mathematics and I believe that I can teach and impart these important skills to the student.
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