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        Hello to all parents and students, I'm Randy. I have taught in a secondary school before as a teaching intern in 2015. In that school, I am attached to 2 lower secondary physics classes and one upper secondary mathematics class. As I teach them , I constantly give them mini class quizzes to check their understanding  of what they have learnt over the past few lessons. Currently, I am also coaching 2 of my cousins in their secondary school Mathematics.One of my student showed major improvement in his A math-from E8 to A2 in Secondary 3. As a student, in my secondary school years, I’ve achieved the Edusave Scholarship every year as I performed consistently well. From Secondary 2-4, I participated in the New South Wales Mathmeatics competition  and i've gotten either merit or distinction. In my JC days, my passion for mathematics also led me to take up a H3 Math Module in NTU, which I got Merit in. Given that the syllabus I have learnt was not too different to what the students are currently learning now, I am confident that I can teach the concepts, especially the tougher ones, to the students in a way which is easy to understand, so that they can learn faster and easier. All in all, given my proficiency in Mathematics and my interest to teach, I hope I can assist the students in their academics and help them achieve better results in the near future!  
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