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    I am currently a Year 2 Life sciences Student at NUS. My plans in the future would be to pursue a career in Medicine at DUKE-NUS after my Bachelor of Science degree. Just a brief background on myself, i was an ACS boy all the way right from ACS (Junior) then to ACS (Independent) and then ACJC. I served as a personal Assistant to a Full time Regular during National Service so i assure you that you won’t have to worry about me forgetting or having very messy tuition schedules as well as having a lack of standard in my work.  I have no prior tuition related working experience but what i can say is that i have a younger brother whom is currently Primary 6 schooling at ACS (Junior). I have been guiding him for Mathematics and Science and am still helping him in his all important PSLE year. He struggled from Primary 4 to Primary 5 as he said the gap was rather big.  So my mother tasked me to help him for Mathematics and Science For Mathematics, he improved from a D in his mid year examination to an A in his final year examination. For Science, he moved from a B to a high A. The duration was about 2-3 months. I believe Mathematics is a very repetitive subject and enough exposure would certainly give anyone positive results. Science as a subject is purely grasping the topic and once that has been done to a level of certainty, applying it to any question would not be a tough task at all. Furthermore, at the Primary School examination level, questions are repeated over and over again and enough practise as well as having a tactical way of approaching questions would surely make an A* very attainable. I as a tutor would firstly want to have a brief idea of what kind of learner the child is and subsequently, i will adjust my teaching style and work load accordingly. Sad to say but the phrase "practise makes perfect" is very true but what i do is to make the practising much easier as well as enjoyable. There is never a one style fits all and thus, each individual would have to take a dif

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