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    Lin Zi

    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Qualification : Beijing University

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    N Tutor is available to teach offline 1-1 tution
    Experience :
    Lin Zi

    Having been an author and translator for over 10 years, Lin Zi would like to transition to teaching Chinese to anyone interested to learn.

    She will focuses on daily verbal communication skills, as well as written Chinese, for individual interest or business/work requirements.

    She can design classes that is tailor made for the student.

    Her teaching can cover,

    1. Pinyin - introduced to the learners from the very beginning of courses. The accuracy of pronunciation is developed with the communication skills all through the courses.

    2. Writing Chinese Characters -Taught according to the character formation system. Learners will have a good grasp of radicals and simple characters, and will be able to analyze most of the compound characters they encounter. They will be able to memorize new characters in a logical way.

    3. Listening and speaking - practised with the student to stimulate various real-world occurrences

    4. Reading - Through reading of simple passages, articles and newspapers, learners will gain knowledge of vocabulary of modern chinese

    5. Grammar - taught through Pinyin and Oral practice. Learners will improve their grammar and sentence structure and be able to write simple sentences

    Teaching Subjects :



    Lower Primary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese

    Upper Primary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese Literature

    Upper Secondary

    Higher Chinese, Chinese Literature

    Junior College

    Higher Chinese, Chinese, Chinese Literature

    International Baccalaureate



    Hanyu Pinyin

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