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    I have been engaging in private tutoring of O level Physics/Math and A level/IB physics since 2011. After graduating from NUS in 2015, I joined an International School and I am working as a full-time physics teacher. I had been working as a relief physics teacher at Serangoon Garden Secondary School from July to August in 2014. During the two months, I delivered physics classes for various stream (Express & Normal academic) and different levels, successfully took over the job of a full-time teacher on medical leave. I engaged and interacted with slow-paced students, ensuring every student in the classroom is learning with understanding. I also enforced the discipline of classroom by managing students? behavior, achieving a quiet and appropriate learning environment. Currently, I am also working as a part-time physics teacher at a tuition center. My job scope is to conduct group/individual physics/math classes for A-Level students, and at the same time, prepare worksheet & summary notes for all chapters. I long to strive for the best for all my students by helping the slower students to learn and at the same time, inspire the better ones to think beyond the exam syllabus. During the class, I try to forge friendship with students to achieve a comfortable and interesting learning environment. I always try to deliver concepts with clarity and application in daily life. Most of the students showed improvement in their results after 2-3 weeks of commencing classes and I have received affirmation from both the management and the parents. I have prepared a complete set of concise A-level physics summary notes and worksheets, which summarize the important concepts in syllabus and common mistakes students tend to make. I usually provide them to my students freely and I have been constantly improving the content to make sure they are effective in understanding & learning.
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    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Physics

    Junior College

    H2 Physics

    International Baccalaureate


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