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        I have been a Biology Lecturer and Teacher for about 7 years in one of the top Junior Colleges in Singapore. As teachers, we were asked to create our own personal professional statement which I believe applies to any kind of teaching I do. My personal professional statement is: “Excellence, Balance and What’s best for the student”. I reach for excellence, both for myself and my students. I believe in a balanced approach to academics, with room for disciplined study, cultivating interest in the subject to increase motivation, as well as time for rest. And finally, I aim to provide what’s best for the student according to the experience I have and taking into consideration each student’s unique learning styles and potential.                   I sincerely love helping my students to learn Biology and acquire useful learning skills for themselves. In my time as a teacher, some of the most rewarding teaching experiences (both for my students and myself) also came from my small-group and one-to-one sessions with students. It was those sessions of coaching my students outside of our classroom time that helped them to better understand and improve in my subject and which have also given me much experience in understanding some of the common difficulties faced by our Junior College Biology students these days.         From my own rich experience in learning as well as in teaching and facilitating, I have a multi-pronged approach to the coaching of Biology which deals not only with the day-to-day struggles of students trying to understand and cope with Biology lessons and homework, but also tries to diagnose and tackle the underlying learning behaviour and skills (should I be given the opportunity to) to help them to learn how to study Biology more effectively.    
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    Junior College

    H2 Biology

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