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    I have just graduated from Nanyang Junior College in 2014 with excellent A level results and was previously from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School.      The English language is something I’ve always had a flair in and General Paper in JC and English Language in Secondary School has always been my forte. I believe that these subjects often are shrouded in the deep misconception that the A grade is ever elusive and that they cannot be taught and I would very much like to jettison that.    Grasping a subject and its attendant requirements is difficult, more so when the subject is so strongly language-based. I believe that to ace in General Paper it is important to take a two pronged approach and work on both ends- strengthening your foundation in the English Language as well as targeting the precise skills the papers require and working on those skills.    I believe that the role of a tuition teacher is not to teach as that is the role of a school tutor or teacher. As a tutor, I believe the main role is that of guidance and direction and to truly identify the individual’s weaknesses and to work on that on a level that most school teachers are unable to invest the time to doing well.    Where I lack the experience in teaching, I make up for in my love for the language and in teaching and helping a student reach their full potential. I am able to commit for a year or more, as necessary.  
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