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    Qualification : Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology university

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    During my polytechnic year, I had 1.5 years experience in teaching 2 lower primary school students in Mathematics, English and Chinese. Teaching on lower primary was not easy. Student at this age tends to be very distracted and loss of the concentration in listening to the teacher. They were very playful and curious. However, I was feeling very determined to assist my ex-student in the grades by using motivation factor. Movitation factor can be through rewarding them by complimenting on their excellent work. My tactics would be giving my student words of encouragement and creative ways of learning. Even for those who got the bottomline pass, I would consistently remind them to try harder next time.  Being as a teacher, it is important to support and encourage the students at their young age. Indeed, their grade improve from Band 3 to Band 1. 

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    Mathematics, English, Chinese

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese

    Upper Secondary


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