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    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Bachelor (Started in 2014)


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    Experience :

    I am a dedicated individual who is willing to put in hardwork and effort into ensuring that your child would be able to understand the concepts behind the subject that they study. People recognise as a highly responsible person.  I believe in doing my utmost to ensure and guide your child to become proficient in the basic foundation of the subject that I am teaching. As shown from my tutee's (Primary 4 student) results, within a span of two months, her grades for Mathematics have improved from a low Band 2 to Band 1. In addition, she had also achieved an astounding 93 marks for her recent English SA2 paper. To add on, I have younger siblings at home who are Primary 6 and Secondary 4 currently, and I have taught and helped them in certain subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science regarding the concepts and questions that they do not understand. To add on, I have been giving private tuition for more than a year. Thus I believe that I am capable of doing a good job in teaching and I will definitely do my utmost to provide the best guidance and learning experience for my tutees.

    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Biology, Chemistry, Accounting, English, Bio/Chem

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