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    Having worked as an academic assistant in Ace-Learning where I was tasked to deliver workshops for secondary school students, I have many experience in teaching students across different levels. Personally, I firmly believed that every student is different in their learning styles. As such, I would customise my teaching method to best suit their learning experience. For instance, during my tuition stint with 6 students whom I taught primary 1-3 Mathematics and English, I would incorporate both the elements of work and play in my teaching. Such would include role plays in my composition lessons where my students and I would act out excerpts of sample essays; visual aids as complements to my explanation for challenging Mathematics concepts as well as an incentive of 5 minute play time. These I believe, evidently benefitted them in their learning as their grades improved tremendously. In fact, having always scored around 33 marks for Math, the Primary 2 student actually managed to score 78.5 marks for her final year-end examinations after 3 months of tuition. Needless to say, it was also due to her diligence that she managed to do well. I was just there to give her the right push in the right direction.  Currently, I am also teaching English & Math to a pair of siblings aged 8 and 5  respectively. They have truly improved a lot and it heartens me greatly each time I teach them.  And so, having accumulated around 5 years of teaching experience, I would like to say that I absolutely love teaching as it is my wish to not only improve my students’ grades but to better change their attitude towards studying.  ( In regards to my past academic institutions, I am currently a graduate student of NUS BBA Honours Programme (Marketing). My previous institutions were Victoria Junior College and Cedar Girls' Secondary School.)     
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    Mathematics, English, Creative Writing, Art and Craft

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    Mathematics, Science, English, Art and Craft

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    Mathematics, Science, English

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    Maths A, Maths E/D, English

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