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    Hi, I have approximately 4 to 5 years of home tutoring experience. In total, I have taught approximately 8 to 10 students ranging from Sec 3 to JC1. For Sec school students, I focus on Maths E/D and Maths A. However, I also teach science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and sometimes Geography. For JC1 students, I will focus on Maths.  Most of the students I taught showed certain level of improvement and many of my assignments are from parental recommendations of students I have taught.  Parents are satisfied with the commitment I put in for their children and some even offered to pay me more given their child improvement.



    On the average, students I taught will have their grades improved by at least 1 grade and above. Other than letting them have a better understanding of their subject, my teaching method incorporates the scoring system of the MOE marking scheme, which will help them to score points in all the papers.  Now that I have decided to focus on maths tutoring, i will be abe to provide more and better resources to improve my teaching materials and methods to help students improve their grades further and faster.

    At the same time, I am currently a Toastmaster Club member where I learn public speaking and presentation skills that helps me to effectively communicate with the audience and carry my points through clearly and productively. Other than that, I have also done relieve teaching in some primary schools where I have learnt how to interact with students better. 

    Lastly, I would like to emphasize that I am also able to teach diploma maths as most of their engineering maths, computing maths and foundation maths modules are part of the JC and University year 1 modules n Applied mathematics. 

    Awaitng your prompt recommendations please. Thank you.




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    Maths A, Maths E/D

    International Baccalaureate


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