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    Qualification : HWA CHONG INSTITUTION

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    Academics were never an issue for me as I could manage my studies well. I believe time management and discipline is essential to do well in studies. Being able to clarify doubts and having a patient tutor is as important and thus I strive to be such a tutor to my students.


    I managed to score A1 for all of my 9 subjects back in ‘O’ levels and achieved an Outstanding Performance award from my school in 2011. I clinched an ESIP scholarship for my study in Junior College and achieved 6 distinctions in ‘A’ Levels. I was awarded the Hwa Chong Outstanding Student Award in recognition for both my academic and leadership abilities.

    I am offered scholarships by both NUS and NTU for double degree programmes and will be studying in NTU in 2016 for a concurrent degree programme for a bsc in engineering science and masters in technological management.

    Mathematics is always my subject of interest and is the subject that I have always scored in. Throughout my secondary school and junior college times, I have peer tutored my classmates mostly about this subject.

    Teaching Subjects :

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D

    Junior College

    H2 Math

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