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    Qualification : NANYANG JUNIOR COLLEGE

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    As a student i was always critical of the methods they employed, especially for English lessons. A driven pupil, i sought other ways of learning which helped me achieve the fastest results in the shortest amounts of time, shocking my teachers year after year. The greatest ( and most satisfactory ) day of my life came when i went back to the secondary school that i came from to meet my volleyball coach and some of the old teammates for dinner. A teacher who used to brand me as lazy and stupid asked me how i did for my A’Levels. I dropped the grades casually and she transformed into the embodiment of shock, followed by a surreal handshake and the mandatory reminiscing that comes with these nostalgic reunion.  What i really want to say is this; If you think your child needs more practise and more of school than he or she sees, sign up at a tuition centre. Dont waste your time hiring me,i cant offer the same experience at a tuition centre. What i can offer is to tailor a teaching approach suitable for your child and to teach him/her not just the subject but how to learn something.   
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