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    Background : Full Time Tutor
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    Teaching Credential : Ex-MOE School Teacher (Junior College)
    Qualification : University College London; NUS

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    Teaching Experience:   2000 - 2007: NJC, General Paper & Literature (JC1, 2) 2009 - 2012: CJC, General Paper & Literature (JC1, 2) 2013 - 2014: The Learning Lab, General Paper & Language Arts  (Sec 1 - JC2) 2014 - 2015: CJC, General Paper (JC2)   2016 - present: NUS High School of Mathematics & Science, English (Year 5).

    Education: M.A in Literary Studies, National University of Singapore (2007 - 2008) PGDE (Sec), National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (1999 - 2000) B.A. (Hons) in English, University College London (1996 - 1999)  

    Scholarships / Prizes - 1st Prize, Golden Point Award for English Poetry 2013, National Arts Council  - Singapore Government Scholarship, Public Service Commission (1996 - 1999, University College London) - Humanities Scholarship, Ministry of Education (1994 - 1995, Raffles Junior College)  

    I have taught GP, Literature, and English to a wide cross-section of students of all abilities for over 12 years. I am good at assessing individual students' strengths and weaknesses and tailoring my lessons to suit their needs. I am also very familiar with the requirements of the GP syllabus and have developed a set of sound techniques to help students tackle the A Levels. On top of teaching students how to answer exam questions, ensuring that they do sufficient written work, and giving customised feedback, I also help hone their critical thinking and expose them to a wide range of readings and articles on current affairs and general knowledge. Some of my students have moved from S or E grades to B grades after just 4 months of lessons with me. My students tell me that my lessons are very clear and that I explain key concepts and complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand. I am also a part-time writer and editor and have been actively involved in Singapore's literary scene for more than 10 years.   

    Teaching Subjects :

    Junior College

    General Paper

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