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    Tutoring Experience (in years): 7 (1 year full time)

    O level students taught in 2019: 5

    I focus on language fundamentals as I’ve found that this helps best in long-term improvement. I also have my own special methods for teaching composition and essay writing, which have proved very helpful for my students. My comprehension techniques focus on how to understand the requirements of the questions and how to answer them effectively. 

    So far, I have taught upwards of 40 students, ranging from Lower Primary to Upper Secondary students. One of my specialisations is helping Lower Sec students transition to the more demanding syllabus of Upper Sec. 

    I have a particular investment in helping weaker students. Currently, one of my Primary school students has mild dyslexia while one of my Sec 2 students has ADHD. I also have experience in teaching foreign students. Last year, I did extensive coaching for a 9-year-old student who was trying to pass the English proficiency exam conducted by Overseas Family School. She had failed the test the year before but managed to progress from level 1 to level 2 after our 4 months of lessons together. I’m now teaching a Sec 1 student who had just transferred from Malaysia to a local school earlier this year, as well as her P5 brother. In 2017, my student, who had taken the O level English paper twice previously, finally managed to pass after having scored E8 and D7 his past two times. 

    My method of dealing with students varies depending on the age and maturity level of each individual, but I try to understand why the student is having difficulty with the subject. Usually, during the first lesson, I would spend some time talking to the student about their school life to find out more about what could be affecting their performance. During subsequent lessons, I continue to check up on how they are coping and whether they have any difficulties in any specific areas. I strive to be someone of authority in their life, someone they can be comfortable enough around to ask as many questions as they might need. I follow the MOE syllabus guidelines stringently. 
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    Lower Primary


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    Lower Secondary

    English Literature, English

    Upper Secondary

    English Literature, English

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