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    Hi there! I am an NUS undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, one of the most prestigious courses in NUS. I come from a very humble background and by the grace of God I have been able to overcome many obstacles and academic struggles. I truly understand the stresses a student faces when it is the first time he/she does badly in a test. My core belief is to bring a deep understanding to my students and not just blank memorisations and cheat methods. The key is to balance understanding with reiterative practices. My experience include tutoring two secondary 4 students taking chemistry and biology on a volunteering basis which they jumped by 6 grades in 2016, teaching a class of university freshmen for a core module in 2016, and teaching a secondary 3 student in mathematics in 2017. My dual role in communication plays a strong part to ensure your child then gets to understand the intuition behind the subject.
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

    Junior College

    H2 Physics, H2 Math, H1 Math, H1 Physics, H1 Chemistry


    Python, Photoshop

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