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    Bachelor (Started in 2013)


    (2009 - 2010)

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    Experience :
    I am Nuzwan, an NUS civil engineering graduate, with 4 years worth of tutoring to mainly primary and secondary school students. I am comfortable teaching English, Mathematics and Science, with pure subjects as well as combinations of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, for the upper secondary school students. I have experienced teaching A level Math and GP as well but only to two students thus far I have juggled tutoring and full time studies for most part of bachelors, with 4 students under my wing for the year 2018 itself. 2 of them were Primary 4 students whom I taught EMS, 1 was a PSLE student whom I taught solely Mathematics and the last student was an Alevel H1 mathematics student.  Both primary 4 students scored Band 2 for all their subjects, with one majorly improving her mathematics from scoring 50 for her mid year to 78 for her finals. Similar improvement was observed for the PSLE student from scoring typically Cs to a B.   Currently, I am in search of a full time job that preferably covers the normal office weekday working hours of 8.30 am to 6 pm. During this time, I have no preferable timings which would mean my weekday slots would typically begin at 3 pm and last till 10 pm. My weekends would cover the hours of 10 am to 3pm.  I have always enjoyed teaching despite tutoring initially meant only for additional source of income during my undergraduate studies. My style of teaching is primarily inducing self interest amognst my students, without additional work load. The aim is to supplement the content they garner at school and relief any uncertainty within their understanding. 
    Teaching Subjects :

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Malay

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Malay

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Malay, Bio/Chem, Phy/Chem

    Junior College

    H2 Chemistry, H2 Physics, H2 Math, H1 Math, H1 Physics, H1 Chemistry

    International Baccalaureate

    Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English



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