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    (2014 - 2015)

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    I have tutored a secondary school student for her Malay language for more than a year and it has been a very fruitful experience. As she was very weak in her Malay and could not understand certain basic aspects of the language, I made sure to harp on her strength, which is English Language, and make use of that to help her improve and grasp her second language easily. By integrating her strengths into teaching instead of solely forcing her to keep on trying to write in Malay when she was clearly struggling proved to be beneficial for her as she went from failing the subject to passing, and even almost scoring a B grade for one of her recent exams. As I've only started my journey as a tutor last year, I have only tutored one student so far. I've taught her through secondary 1 and 2 for Malay language. However, I do not restrict myself to teaching merely Malay language as I am currently majoring in English Literature in NUS and would also love to tutor students in subjects such as a English and literature. Further, I am keen to become a teacher in the future and this would be a very helpful experience for me not only for my future career, but for me as a current student as I am always open to learn new things even from students. Though my mother, who is a vice-principal, often provides me with pointers on how to be an effective teacher as well as how to engage with students, I would greatly appreciate any opportunity that comes my way that would enable me to experience and learn the art of teaching. After all, I believe that a crucial quality to a great person in general, be it a student or a teacher, is that he/she is constantly learning despite the numerous experiences/lessons one has had.
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    Mathematics, English, Malay, Creative Writing, Art and Craft

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, English, Malay, Art and Craft

    Upper Primary

    English, Malay, Art and Craft

    Lower Secondary

    English Literature, English, Malay

    Upper Secondary

    English Literature, English, Malay

    Junior College

    English Literature, Malay

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