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    Background : Part Time Tutor
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    Teaching Credential : Ex-School Teacher (Kindergarden)

    (2013 - 2014)

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    Experience :

    I used to work in a student day care at Farrer Park Primary, it inspired me to want to give private tuition because I could see that it really makes a difference to the child's development when personal attention is given. I had to handle kids with ADHD, autism, and broken families and I feel that they really deserve so much more. I am genuinely concerned about kids out there who do not receive the proper learning assistance that they need because I have seen what it could do to them as they grow up.   While I have no previous experience in tutoring, I have picked up skills and learning tips & tricks which helped me to form a concrete study and exam guide for myself which I can confidently say, has helped me to excel in my studies where I constantly made to the Principal's Honour Roll for every major exams in CJC. I have a very strong passion for Science as a general field. Economics and Mathematics are subsets of the general field of Science which I am extremely enthusiastic in discovering out more for myself as well. I would love to tutor a student and help him/her to discover the joy in learning, appreciate the Scientific Inquiry & Knowledge, and at the same time, excel in their studies. I dedicate myself to helping others learn because I gain satisfaction from helping to clarify doubts and solving problems too. I have developed a lot of patience working with so many kids at one go that I feel I have developed a very adaptive teaching style. I would definitely try a variation of teaching styles first to determine the best learning method for the student. Everyone has a preferred style of learning, be it auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc, and I aim to help them find out for themselves and help them become more independent learners as well. I am certainly excited and ready to commit towards helping your child! I am also very flexible with working hours and timings (midnight is fine even). I have also 2 years of teaching experience and I also live in woodlands street 41!!

    Teaching Subjects :


    Mathematics, English, Creative Writing

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Chinese

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D, Chemistry, Physics, History, English, Phy/Chem, Social Studies

    Junior College

    H2 Chemistry, H2 Economics, General Paper, H2 Math, H1 Math, H1 Physics, H1 Chemistry, H1 Economics

    Special Needs

    Autism, Attention Deficit (ADHD)

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