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    Qualification : NUS

    Bachelor (Started in )


    (2014 - 2015)

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    I am currently in NUS and I’m finishing my third year. I have done well in school consistently ever since I was young. I tutored an A level student before and I have always been there to tutor my younger brother or peers when they need help especially in my strong subjects such as Math. I have consistently been doing well in Math since primary school all the way till A levels where I have been scoring As. With my mathematical abilities, I am confident to help students improve along the way.  I enjoy interacting with children and have a heart to help them with their studies as I want to help them feel more confident in school and also to influence them to enjoy what they are studying.  Personally when I start doing something, I will make sure I give my best in it and I will definitely put in my best effort when tutoring any child and being patient to their needs. I will be open to any criticism and will modify the way I teach to better help my student. 
    Teaching Subjects :


    Mathematics, English

    Lower Primary

    Mathematics, English

    Upper Primary

    Mathematics, English

    Lower Secondary

    Mathematics, Geography

    Upper Secondary

    Maths A, Maths E/D

    Junior College

    General Paper

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